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A Different Kinda You

Updated: Oct 7, 2021

Photo by Calvin Mano on Unsplash

Sometimes we must become a different person — in order to become the person that we are meant to be!

Especially when the person that we’ve been for so long is no longer serving us, but instead, actually keeping us stuck, unhappy or depressed. Keeping and preventing us from growing, being our best selves and moving forward in life.

Sometimes we must become someone new, someone different! — by letting go of old ways of thinking, old unhealthy habits, any shame or guilt that we may be holding onto — and finally allow ourselves to heal, be kinder to ourselves, make peace with our past, or forgive ourselves for things we may have done or not done. So that we can finally… be free, better, happier individuals, walk in our purpose, grow, smile, laugh, love and so much more.

Just like we all deserve.

Sometimes that requires becoming a different person , a different kind of You!

Maybe, just maybe, its time to become a different person…maybe, its time to become… You!

Have a good day!

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