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Bad Day or Bad Life?

Updated: Sep 22, 2021

Is there a difference?...You choose

For many years if or whenever I was having a “not so good day,” I noticed that I would find myself

feeling and saying things like: “Why me? My life never seems to go right! Why does things like

this always happen to me?” Yada Yada Yada…

It wasn’t until one day I stopped myself right in the middle of one of those not so good days

that I was having and asked myself this question: “Wait, is your life really that bad? That awful? Is everything always going the wrong way? Or are you just experiencing one of those days?” I sat there for a moment and thought about it all.

Shortly after, I realized and said the following to myself: “Self, I think there just might be a difference between having a bad a day versus having a bad life. Yes, you might miss the lights some days, things may not always go as you planned, but you most definitely don’t have a bad life. In life, you may experience challenging times, moments, seasons and or days like this, but you don’t have a bad life. In fact, you have a beautiful life, a full life, an abundant life.”

After thinking about all of this and becoming more grateful for all the good in my life, I smiled, and went on with my day. (Not to mention my day actually got better thereafter).

Since then, that experience as well as that realization is something that has helped me understand the difference between: having a bad day and having a bad life.

It has also brought deeper joy and happiness into my life; even on those “not so good days.”

And I hope that it does that same for you.

Because remember there is a difference between having a bad day versus having a bad life.

I hope you enjoy your day!


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2 comentarios

We always want and expect our days to be awesome. When just one thing goes wrong we automatically think it or it’s going to be a bad day. One bad day Is HELL-O better than a bad life.

Me gusta
07 oct 2021
Contestando a

Well said!

Me gusta
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