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Understand the Assignment: “Purpose”

Updated: May 10, 2022

Last year, there was a popular phrase that many people were saying, that went like this:

Understood the assignment.”

This phrase can be used when:

  • Something is done right!

  • Someone does the job exceptionally well!

(i.e., made the perfect omelet with just the right amount of cheese, or put together an outfit just right).

Basically, in these cases, they all… “understood the assignment!”

Well, let’s take this statement even further and talk about the word: Purpose!

Let’s take the life of Jesus Christ, one of the most prominent human beings in history. Whether you believe in Him, or, what he came here to do, is not what this post is about.

But, merely, just an example of someone who…"understood the assignment.”

Jesus knew and understood His assignment, and just what He was sent here to do; which was to save the world and for our salvation!

So, therefore, during his 33 years on this earth, He performed many miracles, healed the sick, raised the dead and according to scripture, ultimately, gave His life to save ours.

In other words, it’s safe to say, Jesus, the Son of man,"understood the assignment.”

Jesus is just one example of many others, who knew, and walked in their purpose. Others, such as, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr, Aristotle, Mother Teresa, just to name a few.

The point here is, and Bottom line, just like all the above, and just like YOU and me, we all have a purpose in this world!

Now, discovering that purpose can sometimes be a journey in itself. (And it might not be to save the world, like Christ Jesus). But, the fact remains, we all are sent here with a purpose!

This post was written to remind you of just that!

I Hope you “understood the assignment!”



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