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Heading 4

The Story

Hello2uWorld is something that came to me during a rough patch in my life;

I did not know or really understand my purpose here in this world, and/or Gods plan for my life.

Not to mention, at the time I was also feeling completely hopeless and just ready to give up.

Well, one day during this time, I happened to come across an old baby photo of

 myself that I posted on social media, a few years prior.

The caption underneath the photo read:



Seeing this, instantly, brought tears to my eyes and even put a long overdue smile

on my face.


As I read those words and looked at the photo of that chubby baby... (me)

who was smiling back at me, I couldn’t help but say out loud:

“Of course she belongs here, and of course you have purpose in this world.”  


We all do!


And that’s exactly what Hello2uWorld is all about!


 It is more than just a name. 

HELLO2uWORLD is a brand and a movement.








Hello2uWorld is about being the best version of ourselves;

that we can be and deserve to be.


Hello2uWorld is also about New Beginnings, second chances 

and being the individuals, we were created to be.

   Above all, Hello2uWorld is an important reminder to others and to myself,

that we all have a Purpose and a place, here in this beautiful world.


So, without further ado… Hello2uWorld!

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