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Three Words: "Just Keep Going"

Updated: Jan 4, 2023

Recently, I found myself becoming a little discouraged about a few goals that I’ve been working towards.

For some reason, I started feeling as though, I needed to know all answers, have all the space, the equipment, all upfront, in order to reach my goal.

Well, since I did not have much or any of the above; discouragement kicked in, and shortly thereafter, thoughts begin to fill and flood my mind. You know those self-limiting thoughts that often like to show up when we want or try to accomplish a goal, idea, or just something great.

Thoughts like: "Oh, you must be out of your mind, you can't do that!" "That's silly, absurd, unrealistic." "Maybe this is just too much!" "Who do you think you are?" Followed by the most persuasive of them all... "Maybe you should just give up."

Yep, those thoughts.

Well, those thoughts and more began to take over and I was just about ready to give in.

However, before I actually surrendered to that notion and those thoughts, instead, I decided to first, put everything away for a day or two.

And so, I did.

During those few days I did not think about my goals, nor work on them.

However, at some point during this time, the following three words came to me:

“Just Keep Going!"...

"You don’t and won't always have all the answers, it will all come as you continue.

But just keep going!"

"All the help, assistance and everything that you need will come together, but only if you keep going.”

I'm not sure if those three words came from above or just my own subconscious, however, wherever it came from, I'm so glad it did, because the following day, I told those self-sabotaging thoughts to kicks rocks and decided to pick back up right where I was ready to quit.

I began again and kept going...

I kept going without having all the answers...but just having the faith and belief that all the help will come, that I will learn as I go, meet the right people along the way. But in order for that to happen, I gotta keep going.

Before I get back to my goal, I will end here with this...a great King once said:

“FAITH is taking the first step even when you don't see the whole staircase.” -Martin Luther King Jr.

Have a great week all and..."Just Keep Going"


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